I’m Jaime McNichol, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ living in beautiful Calgary, Alberta! I have a passion for nutritious, delicious food and educating people on the many ways it can benefit their lives and change it for the better. I am dedicated to empowering people with education, coaching, and the tools that we need in order to achieve optimum health!


My journey in nutrition began when my son was diagnosed with ADHD at 7 years old. Prescribed medication, within 6 months, he became withdrawn, lost weight, and stopped growing...he was turning into a totally different kid! I couldn’t help thinking that there must be a better way to manage this without medication. After thorough research, I was recommended to a Naturopath. We worked together and changed his diet, removing food colouring, processed foods and sugars. We saw remarkable results and my son has been medication free ever since. In changing his diet, I have seen firsthand how eating a diet free from processed foods and by incorporating whole, raw foods has improved not only his health, but my own health as well. I have always been passionate about cooking, and with my increasing knowledge about how the food we eat affects us in so many ways, I became more excited about cooking and creating nutritious meals, incorporating whole foods and seasonal, local ingredients, that tasted good! I experienced huge changes in my energy levels and in my overall well-being which encouraged me to start looking into other ways I could incorporate healthy, intentional choices into my life. I started including meditation, yoga and regular exercise into my daily routine. By incorporating mindfulness into my daily life, I saw greater improvements in my health, such as reduced stress and lowered blood pressure, resulting in a more active lifestyle!


Live with Intention


These changes encouraged me to continue researching food and lifestyle changes and I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, to become a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™. As a graduate, I use nutrition to help clients get to the root of their health issues, addressing a broad range of physiological factors, including weight, mental health, cardiovascular health, stress, adrenal fatigue and allergies. I take a customized approach that recognizes your individual, unique symptoms, which provides key information about nutritional and lifestyle requirements. This allows me to provide tailored advice and recommendations to help you reach your health goals at a comfortable and achievable pace. These solutions are designed to have long-term benefits with lasting benefits on your health and well-being, while understanding that we are all biochemically unique and that there is not a one size fits all solution! 


Having worked full time in the business world while raising a child, I understand the challenges of trying to eat healthy and mindfully. I provide advice on how to prepare healthy meals for busy families, and provide guidance on what to buy at the grocery store, making healthy eating simple. My goal is to empower you so you have control over what you eat and to make mindful choices that allow you and your family to feel your very best!


Please contact me or explore the website for details on the services that I offer to get you on the way to achieving your health goals!


In Health,